My goal is to help people express themselves through the art of tattooing and provide them with the proper care to make their tattoos look amazing in the long run.

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My love for art of tattooing and my commitment to top-notch quality and safety in tattoo care, drive me on the path of constant growth, ensuring I always deliver the absolute best to my awesome clients.
Christian Avila

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Greetings! My name is Chris and I'm a tattoo artist

I was born in 1990 in Corralillo, a beautiful municipality in Villa Clara, Cuba. In 2008, I graduated in fine arts from the School of Art Instructors in the same province.

Since then, I’ve been working hard to perfect my skills and develop my artistic style. Throughout the years, I have developed a passion for large-format tattoos, specializing in both black and grey and full-color realism and surrealism.

With pride, I can say that in 2019, I decided to settle in Miami to take a leap in my professional career. Here, I have had the opportunity to continue growing as an artist and connect with people passionate about the art of tattooing.

In addition to my work as a tattoo artist, I have recently embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, creating natural products for post-tattoo skin care. My commitment to the quality and well-being of my clients led me to develop this product line, designed to accelerate healing, protect the skin, and enhance the beauty of tattoos.

As an artist and entrepreneur, my goal is to provide you with a complete and satisfying experience. Whether you’re interested in a unique and meaningful tattoo or the best care for your tattooed skin, I am here for you.

Explore my portfolio, discover the quality of my work, and trust that you are in the best hands. It is an honor for me to be part of your story and to create with you a tattoo that reflects your personality and lifestyle!

Niche Insights: My Personal Take

In my view, the post-tattoo skin care market in the United States presents a great opportunity to offer high-quality, wellness-focused solutions for customers. As more and more people seek natural and sustainable options that are kind to both their skin and the environment, there is a growing demand for such products.

My commitment to quality, wellness and naturalness drives meto create products that meet the highest standards. I use carefully selected premium ingredients that possess beneficial properties for the skin, without compromising their purity.

I aim to provide products that accelerate healing, protect the skin, and maintain the beauty of tattoos, without resorting to artificial or harmful ingredients.

In addition, I care about the environment and sustainability. I seek to use natural and sustainable ingredients in my products, minimizing the negative impact on the environment. I strongly believe in contributing to a healthier and more planet-friendly future.

Why Trust Me

Come and let me show you my talent and commitment to the art of tattooing.

I am a true expert in my business and in the art of tattooing.
My background speaks for itself and my dedication to quality, wellness, natural and the environment is undeniable.
If you are looking for someone competent and passionate in the world of tattooing and natural skin care products, look no further. I’m here to make your skin dreams come true.

I offer the best when it comes to post-tattoo skin care products.
My products are top quality, made with natural and earth friendly ingredients.
My goal is to accelerate healing, protect your skin and keep your tattoos looking great. undeniable.
If you are looking for someone competent and passionate in the world of tattooing and natural skin care products, look no further. I’m here to make your skin dreams come true.

My art of tattooing is what really makes me stand out.
With a unique style and enviable skill, I can transform your ideas into authentic works of art on your skin.
My approach to realism and surrealism, both in black and white and color, has been recognized and awarded at tattoo events in the United States.

All Skin Types

Our products are suitable for all skin types, providing comprehensive care and support for a range of skin needs.


Our products are proudly vegan, crafted without any animal-derived ingredients, ensuring a cruelty-free approach to skincare.

Natural Care

Our products offer natural care, harnessing the power of nature to nurture and protect your skin, free from harsh chemicals or additives.


Our products are artist-approved, ensuring they meet the highest standards for creating and caring for exceptional tattoo art.

Unveiled Moments

My Personal & Professional Journey

Humble Roots in Corralillo, Cuba

I was born and raised in the humble town of Corralillo, in central Cuba.

Since I was a child, I was raised by my grandparents, who taught me the value of education, respect and the importance of family unity.

I learned to value every little thing we had, since scarcity and lack of resources were part of our daily life. I clearly remember those times when we did not have enough food on the table.

But it was in the midst of these difficulties that I discovered my passion for art of tattooing.

I didn’t have many references, but I followed my instinct and took attitude tests at the School of the Arts.

And, guess what! I passed those tests and realized that there was something special about me that propelled me forward.

It was in 2008, during my studies, when I built my own tattoo machine with an engraver motor and an acupuncture needle.

I started experimenting on my own skin and, little by little, I perfected my technique.

Although I didn’t have the necessary permits, I opened the doors of my home and began tattooing people who trusted me.

It was not only a form of artistic expression, but also a small financial contribution to my family.

My First Tattoo Machine

My Beginnings

But there was something else driving me to go further. Not having adequate resources for tattoo aftercare, I discovered that aloe was an amazing natural remedy.

Applying it to fresh tattoos gave amazing results, and people began to notice the difference.

It was then that I decided to continue exploring this natural world and set out on my own path.

In 2017, eager to discover new horizons, I left Cuba and ventured to Trinidad and Tobago.

From there, I traveled all over South America until I arrived in Chile.

Although I tried to work as a tattoo artist, I was not valued for my artistic knowledge and appearance. However, that didn’t stop me. I made a living in other activities, such as farming, while keeping my passion for the art of tattooing alive.

It was in 2019 when I arrived in Miami, where my life took an extraordinary turn.

I saw an ad looking for a tattoo artist at Alex Chiong’s Tattoo Studio, and I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

It was there that I really started working as a professional, surrounded by resources and support. My My art of tattooing began to gain recognition and my unique style was noticed.

And best of all, I participated in tattoo expos, where my work was applauded and recognized with awards and an unforgettable Best Show at my first Expo.

But my story does not end there. My love for nature and my experience with aloe led me to embark on a new path.

I created my own line of skin care products, based on natural ingredients and my experience with aloe. These products are intended to help the skin recover after a tattoo, providing the benefits I discovered along the way.

With all my desire and dedication, I hope that these products can be inserted in the market and that those who use them can enjoy their wonderful benefits.

Thank you for being a part of my story and for supporting my journey. I hope my My art of tattooing, my products and my dedication inspire you to pursue your own dreams and find beauty every step of the way. welcome to my world of art and skincare!

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Christian Avila applies the tattoo aftercare products after the tattoo is done.

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