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Our natural post-tattoo skin care products promote effective and nourishing healing. Trust us for a worry-free tattooing experience and optimal results. Join our exciting journey to personalized tattooing and radiant skin – you deserve the best!

Custom Fit: Unraveling Your Situation

Understand the client's situation regarding tattoos and skin care.

Imagine being full of excitement and enthusiasm to get a tattoo that represents your style, your history or your passions.

You’ve spent hours researching designs, researching tattoo studios and planning every detail.

However, you find yourself in a state of frustration and disappointment.

You’ve visited multiple tattoo studios, but you haven’t found that one artist who truly understands your vision and can transform it into a unique work of art.

You’ve realized that what you want is a custom tattoo, one that is truly yours and reflects your individuality.

If you have concerns about taking care of your skin after getting a tattoo, you’re not alone.

You might have heard stories about scarring, irritation, and poor results due to the use of products with harsh chemicals.

It’s important to ensure that your skin heals properly and looks healthy.

At Angel Butter Allure, we specialize in custom tattooing and offer natural skin care products specifically designed for the healing period after getting a tattoo. This is where we come in.

Our Services

Angel Butter Allure combines the art of custom tattooing with natural skin care to offer a unique experience that goes beyond surface-level beauty. We are proud to provide a range of services that are tailored to enhance your beauty in a conscious and personalized way.

Custom Tattoos

My goal is to create a custom tattoo that is an exceptional work of art. I will work with you to capture your essence and translate it into an authentic and unique design.

Angel Butter Allure - skin care

Balm for use during the tattooing process and aftercare

Angel Foam allure - skin care

Foaming soap for cleaning during tattooing and aftercare.

Angel Soap Allure - skin care

Tattoo aftercare soap bar

Angel Salt Allure - skin care

Saline water spray for piercing aftercare.

Angel Dust Allure -sanitary care

Solidifier to be applied when the artist finishes tattooing in order to dispose of all contaminated liquids.

All Skin Types

Our tattoo aftercare products are suitable for all skin types, providing comprehensive care and support for a range of skin needs.


Our tattoo aftercare products are proudly vegan, crafted without any animal-derived ingredients, ensuring a cruelty-free approach to skincare.

Natural Skin Care

Our tattoo aftercare products offer natural care, harnessing the power of nature to nurture and protect your skin, free from harsh chemicals or additives.


Our tattoo aftercare products are artist-approved, ensuring they meet the highest standards for creating and caring for exceptional tattoo art.

Tattoo and natural skin care are the essence of tattooing

Complete Skin Care for Tattoos

Our product line covers all stages of tattoo care, from daily washing to deep moisturizing. With our soaps in bar and foam form, and our moisturizing butter or balm form, you can make sure your tattoos receive the care they need to stay shiny and healthy.

Enhanced Skin Curing Process

Our products are formulated with specially selected ingredients to aid in the tattoo curing process. From the bar soap for daily washing, which gently cleanses without causing irritation, to the moisturizing butter or balm form, which provides deep, long-lasting hydration.

Protection Against Dry and Irritated Skin

Tattooed skin tends to be more prone to dryness and irritation. Our products are formulated with moisturizing and soothing ingredients that help keep tattooed skin soft, hydrated and protected against dryness and irritation.

Natural and Quality Ingredients

At Angel Butter Allure, we are committed to using the highest quality natural ingredients. Our products are natural ingredients, carefully selected to provide the best results without compromising the health of your skin.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Formulas

Our products are 100% vegan and are never tested on animals. We are proud to offer ethical and environmentally friendly options for your tattoo care.

Visible Skin Results and Lasting Tattoos

By using our products regularly, you can enjoy bright, vibrant and healthy looking tattoos. Our formulas help maintain color intensity and detail clarity, ensuring that your tattoos look stunning for the long term.

Our Happy Clients!

About their experiences with post-tattoo skin care products.

This tattoo aftercare soap is a must-have! It’s been amazing for keeping my new tattoo clean, moisturized, and looking vibrant. The moisturizing properties have been a game-changer, preventing any dryness or flakiness during the healing process. I couldn’t be happier with the results!



Tattoo customer

Absolutely love this tattoo aftercare soap! It’s gentle on my skin, doesn’t irritate my new tattoo, and helps it heal quickly. Plus, the natural ingredients leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Highly recommend!



Tattoo customer

This tattoo aftercare soap has been a game-changer for me! It’s kept my new ink clean and moisturized, and the soothing formula has reduced any itching or irritation. Definitely a must-have for anyone getting a new tattoo!



Tattoo customer

As a seasoned tattoo artist, I’ve tried many aftercare products, but none compare to this tattoo aftercare soap. Its gentle formula cleanses and protects new tattoos while promoting optimal healing. I’ve seen firsthand the positive results my clients experience, from faster healing to minimized irritation. It’s a trusted staple in my studio, and I confidently recommend it for top-tier tattoo aftercare.


Tattoo artist

Happy Customer

Situation After My Solution

After going through our solution at Angel Butter Allure, your situation will be completely transformed.

You will have experienced a personalized and careful tattooing process that has perfectly captured your unique vision. Your tattoo will be an exceptional piece of work that will authentically reflect your essence and fill you with pride every time you look at it.

The care with our products will allow you the best result and a unique experience.

Exclusive tattoo and aftercare package

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Free high-quality skin care products

Ink & Glow Package

At Angel Butter Allure, I am excited to introduce you to our exclusive package: the “Ink & Glow Package“.

This amazing offer includes a custom tattoo and design along with a selection of free skin care products. With this offer, not only will you get an exceptional tattoo, but you will also receive our high quality skin care products at no additional cost.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get a customized tattoo and enhance your inner glow with our skin care products, all in one wonderful package! Don’t miss out on this chance to get a beautiful tattoo and radiant skin!

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Thank you for choosing Angel Butter Allure for your tattoos and skincare

Wishing you smooth healing and vibrant ink. Until we meet again, take care!

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